The Un-Medicated Manic Depressive

May 5th, 2009

I have been up.

I have been down.

I have cried, laughed hysterically and sat paralysed staring into space in a one hour period.

I have found childlike jokes and conversations overly funny. I have found TV soaps and docu-dramas overly depressing.

I have been talking about nice, good things with people I care about and trust and have sounded on the brink of tears.

I have had a psychiatrist’s appointment in the morning and been threatened with hospital to curb the suicidal, overwhelming hallucinations I have been having and then seen my therapist in the afternoon who asks how many cups of coffee I have had because I appear that wired.

I have been deliberately making myself manic by drinking M&S’s version of Lucozade, which has added ‘high strength’ caffeine.

I have been taking pro-plus to make me higher, and large quantities of diazepam, codeine, tramadol and other opiates to calm me down.

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