I’ve Been Lazy

June 12th, 2009

I had online chat with the psychologist on Thursday and we both agree that I have become a bit lazy. I’ve been laying back just hoping recovery happens rather than taking an active role in my own recovery. I need structure and feedback so I have developed a personal recovery plan and will be tracking my progress. Here is what it looks like:

Problem: I worry too much about my health
Goal: I will worry less
Plan: Schedule 2-10 Minute worry sessions per day. Worry will take place between 9:50-10:00 AM and 10:50-11:00 PM. Nothing but worrying thoughts can be included in worry session.

Problem: Worry has created a tense and on-edge body
Goal: I will return to a relaxed state of wellness
Plan: Schedule 2-10 Minute meditation/relaxation sessions per day. AM/PM

Problem: I have lost faith in the strength of my body
Goal: I will become physically fit
Plan: 15 minutes of cardio (walking, running, etc.) 6 times per week; want to purchase a treadmill till that i will go to gym; weight lifting 3 times per week

Problem: I have lost faith in my bodies ability to heal
Goal: Provide a supple body that will heal itself
Plan: AM/PM Yoga everyday

Problem: Anxiety is created by a fear of passing out/dying in public
Goal: Gradually increase the amount of time I spent away from the house
Plan: Develop a log to track when, where, and for how long I am away from home.

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Anonymous said...

Anxiety - I agree partly. But at tmes I feel that my anxiety is there which is beyond my control. I cannot control it. I know I am anxious but cannot do anyhting to reduce it. So yes while we should take some steps many times I am a mere helpless victim of anxiety.