Speedy recoveries

June 13th, 2009

Too many people recently have expressed confusion over how I can STILL be ill.

“What, you’re still on medication?”

Unfortunately, people, I am. I wish I was well, too. Instead, I’m not.

Everytime someone asks me this, I wonder too why I’m still ill; too lazy, too stuck? Just everything bad about a person is what I am.Why can’t I get better? Aren’t you trying? Are both some other questions I’ve had. It’s horrible. I’m doubting myself enough as it is. I don’t want to be like this anymore, and quite frankly, although I’m all for openness, maybe not so much if people ask such questions. Or maybe they need to be better educated. All they need to know is that I don’t know what the hell my brain’s doing and I am trying thankyouverymuch.

People don’t understand depression isn’t like a physical illness, like a cold which is gone in a week; your ‘depression’ may have lasted 6 months, may have lasted a week. Using ‘ ‘ isn’t meant to take value off what they were experiencing, but I suspect at times that it isn’t really depression. I just want to be ‘well’…

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Anonymous said...

You know what...what u said kind of summarizes what we have to go through. I also am pained at absolute lack of understanding by people. I wonder if thats outside India as well. But here in India the situation is really bad. Hardly people understand depression or accept it.