Meme Four

March 5 2010

1. I have seen 24 autumns in my life. Though the first few I don’t remember but am sure were as special as the rest.

2. I am very sentimental about things. If it reminds me of anyone or any special day I keep it. Old chocolate wrappers, dried flowers, I have a bunch of old stuff that I can’t throw away.

3. Quite contrary to the previous one, once I decide to leave something back I never look back and regret about it.

4. I love watching movies. Any kind depending on the mood, not much into horror though. But I can watch even the flops to see why they flopped.

5. I like reading stories. Maybe that is also the reason for watching movies as they are also stories told visually.

6. I have climbed a stage and compared a Programme in front of 450-500 students. Was very scary in the beginning but being on the stage does have a drugging effect to it. Ye dil mange more. .

7. I am a fan of Vairamuthu. I've read the karuvachi kaviyam so many times that I can answer any quizzes about the book without having to refer to it ever.

8. I am not a morning person and would prefer to be left alone in the morning. But if needed, I can wake up even at 4 am to perform any needed task.

9. I love walking. And I am not regular on that. But I ll try.

10. In the last 2 years I have lost about 7kgs. No need to be jealous. I was at my ideal weight before that.

11. I like to learn something from every person I meet. What I should do and many times what I should not.

12. I love helping anyone and everyone with everything but when it comes to asking for help I just can’t. Not just monetary, I just can’t ask for any helps or favors.

13. I am very emotional. But I don’t cry easily. When my grand ma died the whole family everyone was crying except me. I tried, but I couldn’t bring out even a few fake tears atleast to show the family that I will miss her. (But I do miss her)

14. I love discussions. Call them debates or arguments whatever you prefer. I can take any side and go on.. I love to see new point of views of every topic.

15. I can’t do small talk. I find it useless. I can either be a silent listener or go for a full fledged discussion.

16. On eating, I eat only preferred foods which i like mostly my mum should cook for me.

17. Since I read “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus” I find that I think more like women.

18. I can’t waste water. And I hate it when people do. I totally abide to “Use as much as you need.”

19. I use money as I use water. Just enough for my need. And none if there is no need.

20. I love photography. I click snaps wherever possible. My mobile is full of roadside and dustbin snaps.

21. I feel I am a minimalist.

22. I feel I am very self confident, to an extent that it gets to overconfidence at times.

23. My kind of humor is sarcastic. Slapstick doesn’t tickle me that much.

24. I am not much into sports, though I like watching Cricket when India is playing well. And I used to love the ‘GTA’ all series.

25. I love music, how can I miss this. I am Rahmanic. I sing along with every song that I hear from anywhere. I even sing the jingles from the ads along. My mum says I am like the radio itself, change songs every few minutes. But don’t be mistaken that I sing well. It is just that I enjoy my songs from my heart and not my ear. (Though I should consider other’s ears too) I don’t want to get into the mathematics of songs and dissect them technically. I feel I can enjoy the song more this way so I do. And songs are there to enjoy right..?

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i appreciate for no 18