My heart got there first

March 26 2010

An old pilgrim was making his way to the Himalayan Mountains
in the bitter cold of winter when it began to rain.

An innkeeper said to him, “How will you ever get there in this
kind of weather, my good man?”

The old man answered cheerfully, “My heart got there first, so it’s
easy for the rest of me to follow.”

Now that made me think a little bit. I started thinking if I ever forget to take my heart with me on my way. Surprise !!!! there are plenty of them.

I know I am not someone who can teach you how to live your life , or guide you. But I can talk about my life better than anyone !!. I know how happy I was about things I decided for myself. I know how tough it was for me to do things which others asked me to do.

Let me ask you something serious. Are we (always) able to take your life where our heart goes ? That was a tough ask, I know. Now, another one, can we make our heart go where our destiny is going ?

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