Things That Weird Me

March 2 2010

1. Secretive – I am very secretive about everything around me. Not only real secrets but even small things. I can’t tell anyone anything which is not related to them. For example I can’t gossip. I can’t share what I think with everyone. I am actually surprised how I am able to do that in blogosphere.

2. OCD – I am at the verge of having an OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) for order & cleanliness. I can’t bear disorder of any kind.

3. Insects – I like insects of all kind. (Except those big brown flying cockroaches) I think insects & worms are beautiful. With tiny little legs, eyes, wings and they are also beautifully colored.

4. Love for darkness – I like dark rooms. Dimly lit that is. I find them more pleasant than bright lights. When there is no light I see better. (No I am not saying that literally before u call me owl, I mean metaphorically) I actually can think better with the lights off. I love my dark room at night with music ( Rahman songs) playing lightly.

5. Passionate till achieved – I am passionate about something only till I am on the way to it. Once I reach my goal I just drop it totally. My interest just drops. I get bored very easily. That can cause some serious problems at times. I may argue all day for something then when offered with that, I just don’t want it anymore.

6. Diplomatic Rebel – yes as weird as it may sound that is me. I am a rebel at heart, but have been brought up (by myself) to be a diplomatic sophisticated social person. I hate (some) social rules, and would like to break each one of them with love. But the social me.. Just rants and follows the regular path. I can’t even swear.. Not even in my mind (can u believe that? ) I believe I am a good person want good things for everyone but want in return to just let me live the way I want.

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Pooja said...

the same things weird me too