Things My Dad Do

March 11 2010

1. My Mum make Dad a coffee every morning before work.  For the past  three years Mum worked out this is pretty much the only way to get him out of bed and moving in the mornings.

2. Dad run our home, rental homes and timber mill.  He advertise vacancies, show prospective tenants through, vet applications, prepare paperwork, and do final inspections.

3.  Dad do our paperwork.  With One incomes and four rentals, this is significant.

4.  He do the research into our investment decisions.  Whether this is to buy, renovate or sell, I do the numbers, then raise it with Dad, and convince him I’m right.;)

5.  My Dad is the primary breadwinner.  (Yes, I know this is becoming not more common in the 21st century, but what I like is the fact that Dad is proud of me, rather than threatened.)

6. He often goes to Pollachi thrice in a week. He takes care of all home needs whether me and Mum are lazy
about these stuffs.

7. He is sixty now. But he is energetic as thirty's do. I need to learn so much from him. But the fact is I am not
eligible to carry even a single good qualities from him. Its true...

8. He is the honest man  I've ever seen in my life.

I Hate You Dad

I’m sure I’ll be adding to this as more stuff occurs about my Dad, but it’s a good start.


Pooja said...

do you remember a lady says that uncle looks like vijaykanth and hearing that uncle jumped from the train as vijaykanth before it stops ... shiva told this story & uncle did alot of sacrifices to you remember you idiot. Take care of chinna kounder

sruthi said...

really a good dad hu?