Six Things

March 15 2010

6 TV shows I like

- Koffee With Anu - Star Vijay
- Vanga Pesalam Vanga - Star Vijay
- Ramayana - Sun TV
- Neeya Nana - Star Vijay
- Ninaithale Inikum - Sun Music
- Suki Sivam's Sunday Speach - Sun TV

6 Favorite Places to Eat

I am a big fan of food

- Anna Poorna (Coimbatore)
- MTR (Bangalore)
- Karaikudi (Chennai)
-  KFC (Chennai)
- Anjali (Pollachi)
- Murugan Idly (Chennai)
- Forgot name, a very fine restaurant in Jaipur.

6 Things That Happened Yesterday

- Got up early, which rarely happens (10:10 AM)
- Had bath (once again something which rarely happens)
- Had lunch at home with my cousin sindhu
- Had fun with little keerthana, reethika and sowmi.
- Saw 2 movies: ‘The Murder of Princess Diana’ and ‘Rang De Basanthi’
- Slept at 6 in morning

6 Things I Look Forward To

- Trip to a resort on outskirts of Bangalore in April 1st week (a much needed)
- My Sister in law is going back to US on 20th  March
- Trip to Alleepey in 4th week of  May
- My niece’s 1st b’day in 2nd week of May
- Trip to Chennai to see perima

6 Things I Love About Winter

- X’mas holidays
- New year’s eve
- Margali Pongal
- Thalaiver's (Rajni) Birthday
- A walk (anywhere)
- An outing for sure

6 Things on My Wish List

- Car for myself
- Brown/Black  specks (current ones are damn old)
- Piano
- Treadmill
- Write a Book
- Fly In Air To Australia

6 Things I am Passionate About

- Cinema
- Travel (alone, all by myself)
- Good reads (Books, Mags, anything)
- Conversation on Cinema/Politics/Any Topics
- Watching people (can spend hours just watching)
- Writing

6 Words or Phrases I use Often

- hmmm
- Yeah, right!
- Seriously
- So what?
- Are you crazy?
- No
- Hows the yous, takes the cares

6 Things I have Learnt From My Past

- Complaining is silly.
- Either act or forget.
- Thinking life will be better in the future is stupid. I have to live now.
- Being not truthful works against me. Helping other people helps me.
- Drugs feel great in the beginning and become a drag later on.
- Money does not make me happy.

6 Places I would Love to Go or See or Visit

- Australia
- Argentina
- Cuba
- Paris
- London
- Kashmir

6 Things I currently Need or Want

- Same as Wish list above.


sruthi said...

Till now you didn't leave that six da?

Pooja said...

Nice macha...