This is not a story.

March 23 2010

Hi, My name is .. hmm name is not important, right ?. I am 9 years old and studying in 4th standard.

Yesterday, my Mom left me alone here at home and went to the Hospital. I told her many times that I can not stay alone here. But she did not take me with her. She is really cruel right ?.

So ? I decided to protest. I am not a member of any political party or any organization and I do not have anyone to celebrate Harthal or Bandh to support me. So, I decided to something funny.

I took the phone and dialed a number… guess what … “100″ . Now listen carefully, I told them there is a bomb in that hospital and they have 30 minutes to save those poor souls in there.

What happened after that ? hmm Police went to the hospital and started searching for the Bomb. But something that I did not expect, also happened. Somehow they figured out the number from which they got the call from !!. So, they came looking for me and I got nicely from the inspector sir

It was fun, until I was caught !!


This is something really happened !!.  I found this news in the Newspaper today.


Pooja said...

really interesting...

sruthi said...

I think its pooja da