Google Phone Is Coming To India.

March 16 2010

Google phone is coming to India, but not the original one. Google will introduce a “mini” version of the Nexus phone, with less price, and lesser features.

This was revealed by Ankit from CNBC-TV 18 after an “editorial meet” with Google India head Shailesh Rao. Ankit wrote:

Nexus One will not come to India in its US avatar, the India specific Google Phone may be a stripped down version and priced lower!

I am glad that Google is not making the same mistake that Apple did. Since we do not have cell phone contracts to give subsidized phones, selling the same phone or on same price will not work in India.

So, obviously, a different type of phone,  with lesser number of features will do better here. I am confident about this matter after seeing the response to touch screen smartphones from samsung from Indian customers.

Competing with Samsung’s cheaper touchphones is a different game  altogether. I dont think google can bring such a drastic change to the price of Nexus phone.

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