March 28 2010

I am writing this post when am on the way to my home in a cab. I was seeing hell a lot of cars on the way. so I want to write the names of those cars which I have seen while traveling…

Tata Indicab
Hyundai Santro DLX
Toyota Innova
Ford Ikon flatr
Maruthi suzuki 800
maruthi suzuki versa
Tata Indigo LS
Maruthi suzuki Omni
C200 something…. its not visible properly
Mitsubishi Lancer
Tata Sumo
Maruthi Suzuki WagonR
Maruthi Swift VXI
Toyota Qualis
Tata Indica DLS
Tata SCORPIO Turbo
Hyundai Santro Xing
am i seem to be childish……he he he…. when I did my schooling, i used to collect the car registration numbers and write in a paper and give it to the collector (another friend) who collects just the numbers from people like me. we wont do anything with that…. all we had is to buy a car like the one we are seeing.. that time, I not even hade money only to buy a car…toy car with / without remote.

all I had in mind is that, when i grew bigger, i should buy one car and get my parents a ride in it. its sort a greedy desire every one will have when they are kid.

may be soon, I might get one and go for a ride :)

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Kavitha said...

what happen to anipra i mean maruthi da