The Google Picnik

March 18 2010

Oh yes, yet another Post about Mr. G. Now, dont give me those stares  there is something good to happening here, and really good if you are a flickr user.

Flickr users know what Picnik is, and how useful it is. Picnik is an online photo editing tool. It is easy to use and does some awesome things with your freshly clicked photographs. After you upload a photo to flickr, you can click on “edit” and access picnik services from the same page. You can use this service from even if you do not have a flickr account.

Google Acquires Picnik

Google is shopaholic these days. They have announced that Picnik is in their kitty now. When I saw the news, I said,  ”Goood” .. and if you ask me why ..

There are many cool features available in, but only paid members have access to most of them. I believe that sometime in future, Mr G. will make those services available for non paying users as well. If that happens, it will be awesome ! *looks at flickr users*

Do you use Picasa ?

If you are a Picasa fan and use it for photo sharing, you should be happy too , because we will this feature on Google’s own picasa too soon. Cool right ?

This will be a good addition to Google’s upcoming Chrome OS.
Probably, the most used web app on chrome os after gmail.

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