Meme Six

March 13 2010

1. Are you better than where you were when the year started?
Yep.. am pretty sure i am!

2. Did you get a notch up on the ladder of wisdom?
Wisdom? not read that book in years... lolz..
okok.... hmm, i would like to think i have... but people around me need to say it... :-)

3. Did you laugh more till you cried or cried more till you laughed?
Ok, now i need to try crying till i end up laughing... its usually the other way around.. Did that most recently at Rang de basanti  movie...!!

4. Did you meet new people?
Nope, Nope, i sure didn't...

5. Did your friend list swell a little?
Nope.. in all directions I lost many friends... ;o(

6. Did you have to let go of people?
Luckily, very few...

7. Did that hurt you a lot?
Would have in the past..but now- Nope!!

8. Did you have to put up a false smile and bear things with a grudge?
Nope, been there done that, not anymore!! :)

9. Did you have to act happy when you hurt inside?
 Always.. [accepted it as part of life...]

10. Did you achieve something great this year?
I would like to think but I didn't...

11. Do you regret anything you did this year?
Oh well, everything is an experience if you ask me!! so,nope,no regrets!

12.Did you fall in and out of love, necessarily not in that order?
Nope....  dint fall outta anything..!!

13. Did you grow?
How dare you ask that question??? don't you see a "Do not get personal" label on my forehead????.. ;o)

14. Was this one of your best years?
Nope but  I feel It ll be one of the most amazing years ...

15. Did you learn something new?
Oh yes.. Learnt quite a bit - about life, about people, about work, about me, and about various new areas that remain untouched...

16. What was the most memorable in this year?
My new home and my room.

17. Would have done anything differently this year if given a chance?
Never been one to dwell on what has happened... no regrets, learnt some lessons in life... will take them along for the days to come!!

18. Did you travel a lot this year?
Nope, I spend most of  the days in my room this year.  

19. Will you mark this year as one filled with fond memories or bitter ones?
Ummm..bitter ones i would have to say..

20. How is your health this year?
Some what fine ok...

Not gonna tag no one.. But if you feel like it, go ahead~!!!


sruthi said...

Nice to hear like this about you da macha come out from the past and try to live for those who still with you we expect alot from you machi...

Pooja said...

Dont think alot about ani. She takes every thing from you and left you alone... she cheated not only you da
12 yrs love, the great love. we all know you scarifies every thing for her... leading a better life is the best way for revenge. come da we all are with you

Sudarshan said...


You lead us thala now we are in success.. so thala next time meet panara appo un dialog nee sollanum
enna?.. forget it!
"pamba partha padaiye nadunkum anna intha pepsi ya partha antha panmbe nadunkum"

nalavanga valvanga ena konjam time agum ok .. keep rocking thala