Teach Our Children, ” How to Blog”

March 21 2010

If you elect me to the Ministry of Education, I will make blogging a part of the school curriculum for sure. Or, at least , a part of extra curricular activities and we can have exams or competitions for blogging. What you think ?. “State Level Blogging Championship 2008″ vow !! sounds cool….. isn’t it ?

Okay, that was not a joke. Isn’t it a good idea to introduce children to blogging right from the school ?. Or, introduce them to “Web 2.0″ in their early ages ?.

The future is Internet, ( questions  anyone ? ) and the future ( or present ? ) of internet is Web 2.0. where knowing things earlier than everyone else, and having access to information is the key factor.

For our children to be able to compete there in the future, they need to know “how to know things fast”. Or, let us say, to use Google effectively, to know the “How To”s of blogging, Social networking, and more. ( Yes, you can add more to this list !! )

Do you agree ?

My knowledge about this topic is very limited. It is possible that someone, somewhere is actually doing something like this, or something better than this. If you know anything about this, please let me know, because I am really interested in this.


sruthi said...

un kodumaiye thanga mduiyalai ithula yen da school childrens vera kedukara
ne blog elutharen sona appa ve uravitu odirkanum ....

Pooja said...

My husband likes your blog very much da becoz if he wants to sleep its the best way to read your blog pepsi