100 things I'm grateful for...

  1. My mom and samuperima taking me to chennai when I was little. It shaped my faith by seeing my brothers.
  2. My Sharmila. She has integrity, is loving, patient and is a kind soul.
  3. Legs that work. Because I love to run.
  4. My graduations B.Sc (CS) and MS(IT)where ever I can have a secure job or business.
  5. Health.
  6. My healthy teeth.
  7. Running water. Bathing and brushing my teeth are good things.
  8. My dads sobriety. I'm so proud of him.
  9. Being able to stay home with my family.
  10. Being recovered from disordered eating and sleeping.
  11. Not knowing my purpose on this earth. I am waiting eagerly to know.
  12. My Krithi. I knew she was cute and lovable.
  13. My friends sruthi, pooja, adarsh and arthi.
  14. My old friend cheating on me. It made me find my self esteem.
  15. Mr.Google. 
  16. My relationship with drugs. I learned to say goodbye to oleanz+.
  17. Living in Pollachi, the most beautiful town in the world. (In my humble opinion).
  18. My first Love.
  19. Having reliable transportation.
  20. Coffee with anu my favorite TV show. 
  21. Music. I am so moved by music.
  22. Day dreaming. It's so worth it.
  23. Singing when I am alone with my music box.
  24. Having the guts to stand up for what I believe in.
  25. Being literate. Thank you mom, dad and teachers for teaching me to read.
  26. Razors. Because keeping always  three days growth of beard.
  27. Brownies, chocolate chip cookies and cake.
  28. Being able to spend time with children's.
  29. The clothes in my basket. Sometimes I think I have nothing to wear. I have plenty.
  30. My knowledge in computers. It made me realize I wasn't meant to work in the industry.
  31. My business. I learned so many things and it shaped me today.
  32. My sisters.
  33. The Internet.
  34. My dad teaching me the importance of a family men.
  35. Che Guevara my favorite leader.
  36. My Schools & Colleges.
  37. My right to free speech.
  38. My mom teaching me how to be honest.
  39. Soldiers who fight for nations.
  40. Shoes. Like the clothes, I have plenty.
  41. The window in my room.
  42. Our home. Sometimes I wish I had more counter space, but we have enough.
  43. Volunteering for helping others.
  44. Online support groups.
  45. Hand-me-downs for orphanage kids.
  46. My Samsung Corby.
  47. Recycling.
  48. Facebook. I've reunited with so many important people that I'd lost touch with. And met new ones.
  49. The beach.
  50. My sense of humor.
  51. My blog. I am so, so grateful to be able to write when I am depressed.
  52. My physical health.
  53. My mental health and stability.
  54. Living in a hygienic environment. Sounds strange, but a lot of people don't have this.
  55. Modern medicine.
  56. Anipra in my life.
  57. Entertainment options. I should never be bored.
  58. Coffee.
  59. Believing in the importance of personal growth and development.
  60. The people who will be my clients this year. I don't know who they are yet :)
  61. People that read and comment on my blog. It helps to keep me motivated to keep writing.
  62. My Google Valet Store employees.
  63. All the jobs I have had. I've learned so much.
  64. My values and core beliefs. Knowing them means I can honor them.
  65. Being able to be stay calm.
  66. Getting to snuggle with dreams in bed in the morning, watching Sakthi Gardens(my apt).
  67. Having multiple vision.
  68. Having a fridge and cupboards full of food.
  69. My Bike.
  70. This economy. It's made me realize how much we have.
  71. Connecting with incredible people. Human contact.
  72. My room cause I lives in it.
  73. Not having to take medication anymore for anxiety disorder.
  74. My therapist.
  75. Rajini Kanth he is my role model. 
  76. My six chiti's.
  77. The fact that I chose my own happiness.
  78. Eating dinner as a family.
  79. Service to others. Giving back.
  80. A comfortable, warm bed.
  81. Clean air.
  82. Being brave enough to stand up against "the bad guys".
  83. Having a choice.
  84. My education. Eternally grateful for that.
  85. Student loans. They suck sometimes, but without them, they couldn't have gone to college.
  86. Writer Sujatha my favorite author.
  87. Bubble baths.
  88. My self esteem.
  89. Rajini Kanth movies and songs. 
  90. Admitting I'm can be perfect and doing the best I can.
  91. Learning to be myself with ease.
  92. Laughter.
  93. My family's good health.
  94. Access to fresh fruits and vegetables.
  95. The ability to learn.
  96. The right to vote.
  97. Forgiveness.
  98. Alone
  99. The fact that I was born in this amazing free country.
  100. My life.


Pooja said...

why you forget that u r grateful to me idiot?

Priya said...

really your are mindblowing

Arthi said...

I admire u da mama

Sudharsan said...

Thala superb thala na unoda meme vachuthan inga otitu iruken