Childhood Ambitions

October 23 2010

I was going through my Dad's photo album and this picture caught my attention. This picture was taken in the 1970's. My dad is in the picture. This picture conveys the message of humor to us.

Every Human being would have a childhood ambition. My dad wanted to become a successful business man. The hardships that he went through to achieve his childhood Goal were many. I am proud of him because of what he has achieved in life. His ambition never changed and he held on to his goal and worked hard to achieve it. He started his business in the 1970s and he is still with the same firm reaching heights.  Running with the same firm for close to 40 years is something that I could not even fathom in my dreams.

I have changed 2 business in 2 years. My childhood ambitions kept on changing with time.When I was three years old - I wanted to become a cop. But when I was six and half years old I fell in love with Sharmi. Before I turned Ten, I had already wanted to become a train driver, Astronaut, doctor, District collector, Bike racer and Chef. But when I turned ten, I was still chewing my finger and hence my only goal in life was focused on quitting finger chewing.

When I entered my teens, I became a great fan of PC Sriram and hence I wanted to become a camera man. I started watching detective series too and hence I also wanted to become a detective. By the time, I was done with school, I thought that being an computer profession would be cool. As soon as I joined B Sc computer in a college, I realised that being an computer professional was not at all a cool thing. But very soon I realised that over the years, I developed a strong sense of thinking out of the box. It took me many years to realise the potential that was sleeping somewhere near my small intestine.

There are two kinds of people
1. People like my dad, who realise their potential at a very young age and work towards achieving their Goal.
2. People like me, who take life as it comes and in the process realise their potential.
If you have not realised your potential yet, keep on experimenting with life. One day, you would realise your potential. On that day, all your failures would act as a great case study material for you to present to the future generation.

If someone asks you the million dollar question," What is your goal in life?" and if you do not have a specific answer, he might even put you down by saying " You are not serious in your life yet". Yes! You might not have been serious in life. But still there is hope and you can always realise your potential anytime in life.

Sometimes you have to aim at the target and shoot at it. Some times you have to just shoot blindly at the wall and call it the target. None of us are failures.Let no one despise your ambitions and do not allow anyone to steal your dignity.

Note: I did not intend to take this philosophical turn. But this is a much needed message for a few of my friends who are going through a tough time in life.

I would like to congratulate Mayilsamy Annadurai and his team for successfully launching the 6 satellites in orbit.You guys have done our country proud. If only the rocket had fallen inside the Bay of Bengal, I would have had an opportunity to pull your legs. Never the less, good work.Next time, please send Jayalalitha and  T.Rajendar to space too.

PS:  Jayalalitha leaving lots of arikai's actually all mokais  and T.Rajendar acting as a hero again.

One Question: What was your childhood ambition?


Sruthi said...

ya Uncle is such a nice person too

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Uncle you are too sweet uncle

Shreeja said...

uncle neenga enamo nallavar than ana unga paiyan irukane........ ungala vida nallavanu solla vanthen heheheehe....

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