Nine Nutty Memories

October 26 2010

This past week, I had a few weird learning experiences. I just wanna share it with everyone.

1) Do not use the mobile phone while taking a bath. Chances are that your mobile phone might end up in the water bowl and the soap might end up in your ear.

2) Do not use ear buds on your ears while seated in the back seat of a car and especially when you have someone driving the car like ronaldo's nanny.

3) Do not talk on the phone while eating out. You might poke your nose with the fork.

4) Never scare a small kid in a shopping mall by showing funny faces. The kid might spit on your face.

5) Never give missed calls to your newly-married friend. His wife might call you back and give a five minute decent speech to you.

6) Bitings dogs never Bark.

7) When you are in the bathroom, make sure that you latch your door knob properly. Your brother might have the shock of his life.

8) If a city girl  accidently happens to be your travelmate, she will surely have a Sidney Sheldon Book in her hand. She will have the amazing capability to jump from page 44 to 163 in just 5 minutes. She will also keep on scratching her head. Yuk. It is not a dream come true to have a hitech girl as your travelmate.

9) When you decide to quit orkut for ever, you will receive three testimonials and fourteen friendship requests.


Shreeja said...

bongu da macha! pzrzvzilla thats all

Sudarshan said...

thala adivice mazhai