To Someone Special

October 17 2010

You know I gave this life to you
The one with your choices, your friends, your love
You were lonesome, I offered you company
You were disoriented, I showed you direction
You were befuddled, I picked up the puzzled pieces
And arranged them all right for you
They are all mine: the pieces, the choices, the opinions, the people
Remember ALL MINE TO BEGIN WITH and all mine all the while
You got inspired, you imitated me and got lucky
Lucky coz you had me, me in first place
I wish… seriously I do at times
That I could go back in time and reverse it all for you
I hate to see you happy without acknowledging the factor
And no, I don’t want acknowledgement
I just want it all back…everything to where it started from
I liked you smiling, its not even bearable at times now
I loved those hugs, they suffocate me now
When care becomes an obligation and sticking on a duty
The feeling cant be called hatred, it is mere lack of love
Lack or rather slow disappearance…death of love
Yes, the love has slowly and knowingly disappeared
And lets not pretend to each other what we are not
Coz that’s pretty much not in my capacity
But I know I cant have my way and we have to go on
Here on, henceforth, meeting like lovers, strangers inside!

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