My school is always cool

October 10 2010

Today, I am feeling Nostalgic after checking out a junior’s farewell album. So I am missing my school days, school life and everyone associated so badly. The last time, I went my school was about three and a half year before starting my blog. So I am putting up ten things, I miss about my school not in order of preference.

1) I miss morning assembly. I love mantras with so much emphasis on pronunciation and all of us enchanting together. I miss those occasionally performed havan.

2) I miss encouraging teachers who made me what I am today.

3) I miss all my lovely friends. Thanks to social networking sites which brought back many of them.

4) I miss playing basketball and dumb charades in school bus and lots of other adventures. Once I slept in school bus, missed my bus stop and landed up at a teacher’s(Mrs. Jayanthi's)  home. That teacher was famous for being too strict but had good time with her. I truly love her and she happens to be the Best Mathematics teacher.

5) I am missing those classrooms, lab, corridors each and every part of my school.

6) I miss eating ghee roast almost daily in canteen.

7) I miss playing all sort of weird games in free period.

8) I miss standing together in punishment with our hands up. :P

9) School picnics and school trips (Pondichery trip was simply awesome).

10) I miss going to theaters, elliots beach, MGM and music shows after every exam with friends.

Will surely visit my school really soon :)
I am not tagging anyone but if u like this post and you miss your school life then just do it. It will surely take you down the memory lane. So just go for it.


Sruthi said...


Pooja said...

really u showed in my eyes da

Priya said...

neve forget those days da

Adarsh said...

love u macha!

Anonymous said...

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