People I met...

October 12 2010

Everyone is special in his/her own way. But then there is something called general opinion. Fortunately or unfortunately, I met a lot of above normal people. To name a few:

Saravanan Anna : Genius (my guardian angel)

Sruthi : who can give complex to even her superiors/seniors

Pooja : everyone wants to be with you and even want to be like you.

Priya : Engineer by destiny artist by choice

Sudarshan : one of the most popular characters of IIT Madras

Vicky : put him in any group and he will be accepted as most responsible in the lot

Sakthi : cracked CAT without studying

Shreeja : quizzing wizard and not aware of his own potential

Siva : silent assassin

Adarsh : industrial department stud

Arthi : became famous in her final exams at Vidya Vinaya Vinodha and now recognized home maker.

Manoj : Happy go lucky. His lady luck is too strong.

Senthil : Don't ever study with him.He will score decently and you will fail.

Ramesh Yoga Anand : You can trust and seek any help any time.

Asuka : Awarded medal from Indian Mining Society for her 'outstanding contribution to mining industry' plus she can beat me in GTA 4.

Guru : who needs to be intelligent when you look so great... just kidding.. he is intelligent too…..


Adarsh said...


Arthi said...

love you da macha

Kalpana said...

great da

Pooja said...

luv u

Priya said...


Sakthi said...

hmm! thanks alot for mentioning my name da mama

Sruthi said...

love you mama