those childhood games...

October 30 2010

This picture was taken when I was 6 years old. My brothers SARAVANAN ANNA and Sridhar Anna  is standing on both sides to me. I do not have my two front teeth in this picture. I lost them during the Pakistan war. The reason for me adding my childhood picture is to pictorially represent the content of this post.
Ages : 10 and below, would understand this post better

"1, 2, 3,4,8,9, 13, 15, 28, 29, 42, 48,49,50. I am ready. Here, I come"... I would say this and start searching for my friends. It has been more than two decades now. But those hide and seek games of my childhood days are still fresh in my memory. Yes, I used to cheat with my counting.

Wearing a hat and climbing trees was another great excitement boosting sport. Climbing the trees is usually accompanied by having hi-definition gadgets like a "cheap catapult" and a "cheap binocular".

Collecting railway platform tickets/travel tickets and using them for trading games was another regular game that I used to play as a kid. I remember the fights that I have had with Satish anna  for those paper tickets.

Another interesting game was to break the legs of Heman dolls (My cousin's collection).

Ludo,Snakes and Ladders, Chinese Checkers, Stealing the red coin from carrom board were popular board games of those days.

I remember a game that Akila akka and Abi akka (they are my uncles daughter) used to play. The hopping-square game. A 4x2 table is drawn on the sand ground and the player has to hop on 1 leg and then throw the stone backwards in the last square box. I have forgotten the rules of the game. But I remember the girls used to love this game big time during those days.

There was this game played with marbles. My neighbour taught me that game. It was so much fun indeed.

On week-ends we used to go to the park and fly kites. My dad taught me to make kites.

Paper boat game is the most popular game during the monsoon season. Papers from rough note books are torn and are re-designed as paper boats and they are made to float in the water during rainy season.

Akila akka also had this habit of collecting Glo dolls ( Dolls that glow in the dark). I used to pluck those dolls from her and present it to my classmates (girls)

Another game that pulled me like a magnet was street cricket. I would come back from school and wait near the kitchen window and would longingly look at the empty ground near my house. Slowly my neighbours and street-mates would come to the ground with rubber balls and cricket bats. We would climb trees, break twigs and make stumps from them.

I recently came across this lovely video Krithi, Kavin and Charan playing together. I so badly miss my childhood now.
(Krithi and Kavin are SARAVANAN ANNA's Children and Charan is Sridhar anna's only son and He is the big BOSS in our family)

With the advent of internet and modern day electronic gadgets, kids these days live in a virtual world. Everything has become plastic offlate. The kids of the present generation do not have a single clue about the fun games that we played when we were kids. There are so many other games that we would have played in our childhood days. If you have any childhood game memories, please feel free to share in the comment section


Sruthi said...

i certainly have trouble remembering ,but i rembr girls play this "choppu jaaman" game : Pretending to be grownups,fancy dressing,pretend cooking,trading,monopoly (All this combined is choppu jaaman :P )
U've made me nostalgic too! :)

Adarsh said...

oh oh.. u still remember the games u played wen u wr ten huh.... coolios...

Siva said...

I used to and still love the game seven stones, gallery and leg cricket! But no company oly now :(