She speaks my heart

October 18 2010

She speaks my heart and she's the one I speak out mine too...
Here's what is put so beautifully what was felt so deeply...
I could never have put it better than this:

Be prepared
Prepare to leave this place
Prepare to start again
Prepare to see a new beginning
Prepare yourself for an end
Prepare to look for a fresh match
But just in case…
Am I prepared for the mismatch?

Prepare to take the memories now
Prepare to make new ones
Prepare to pack the bags
Prepare for the worst and make the best out of it
Prepare to leave the door open forever
But just in case…
Can I close it one more time!

Should I flaunt the fear..
Or should I fawn it?

Prepare to leave the past behind
Or am I just forfeiting it…
Prepare for the legal escapade
Or am I breaking some rules…
Prepare to be curious all over again
Or will I be prying?!

Prepare to finish for THE start
Prepare to lay down my cards in the world…
Prepare to be in delirium
Or is it just an uncontrolled nothing!!

Am I preparing or am I all set?

1 comment:

Sruthi said...

prepare to forget your past