Half Truth

October 1 2010

The bed-sheets are crumpled. The pillows are still wet with passion. Her distinctive odour pervades in the room. The door is shut, the curtains are drawn, but currently they do not conceal anything. Because there is nothing.
But, that's only half the truth.

The night mocks at me from outside the window. The lone flickering candle mocks at me from inside. I lay on the floor, hungry, by the bedside, in waiting; the bed, the clothes, the aroma in the sheets- they all itch against my skin. Every inch of my existence feels incomplete. Shadows from yesterday fall upon my abandoned body. I hate their touch; I blow the candle away.

The 3 a.m. breeze whistles past the house. It is slightly chilly outside; I am very cold.
It is a silent, serene, peaceful night.
But that's only half the truth.


Sakthi said...

whaaatsup macha..a post a day..and of such varying genres!!!

Asuka said...

u've described the scene so vividly. and left a lot for the imagination too!!!

Adarsh said...

wow...the post is so beautiful...in a dark kinda way...u really can write in various ways...this 1 is so wonderful...the scene is totally described...but still there's a lot to read between the lines too...keep yp the gr8 writing!!!

Priya said...

my god. I knew tht there was nothing faster then the speed of light .. but tht was HALF TRUTH ... ur imaginations run beyond this galaxy.

And r these posts [ this one & the 2nd last one ] r they inspired due to some hormonal games going inside u ??

new azz nice post yaar. and lol .. lifes a HALF TRUTH .... rest all is hidden in the darkness .. rather we ourselves chooose to hide it.