Terror Romeo Rajendar

November 25 2010

Disclaimer: The author is not responsible for any fatal injuries attained by the reader while reading (viewing any clips in this post.
Note: If the reader is still alive even after reading the whole post, he/she has attained the strength to tolerate any form of physical/mental torture.
A recent survey was conducted by HSBC - Hot Sexy Babes Committee to find the sexiest man in the world.
 The result of this survey says only one name. Did I mention his name? Those who took pains in checking the subject line would have known his name by now. But for the sake of the uninitiated, I take this opportunity to introduce to all my readers; "The one and only"," Glamorous", " Sexy", "The man with six bags", " The multifaceted" - TERROR ROMEO RAJENDAR

Terror Romeo's Jurassic Portfolio (Otherwise called as Navaratan Poses)-video feed from Indiaglitz

If you are still alive even after seeing the Drop Dead video, continue reading...
His birth is a mystery to the greatest scientists everywhere. Just when the scientists were about to lose all hopes in finding the truth behind Terror Romeo's evolution, they happened to watch a program on TV. The program was about the evolution of the Universe. The atheism theories
(i) Inflation Universe Theories
(ii) Big Bang Theory
made them to approach the mystery from a completely different angle. Finally afters years of hard work and research, they found the answer to the mystery and a new name was given to the theory -"Gang Bang Theory".

Only a few people in the world have had the privilege to come out of a movie hall alive after watching a Terror Romeo movie. The author of this post(Pepsiboy) is one among the very few such brave souls. Such is the intensity of all his movies. In almost all his movies, the heroines would crave for our Terror Romeo. They would chase him like a dog chasing a car and finally out of sympathy, Terror Romeo would accept their love proposals.  Recently, Terror Romeo Rajendar went to Mexico for his latest film shoot Oru Thalai Kadhal (Single Head Love). I assure my readers that his Mexican visit has nothing to do with the Swine flu outbreak in Mexico that has spread across the world. Terror Romeo recently entered the Guinness Book of World Records by becoming the only person in this world who could perform as hero, director, camera man, music director, editor, touch up boy, light boy, stunt man, dance master and everything. Answering to reporters about his achievement, he showed his simplicity and his Nationalistic feelings. He also explained the gang bang theory. The gang bang theory is a phenomenon in which a person is delivered via C-section delivery mode where the delivery is done by the person himself.

The iconic figure of Terror Romeo cannot be encapsulated in an ordinary post like this. He is an institution by himself (Please do not ask for any seats in that institution). When I watch his movies I always sit at the edge of the seat because his performances can captivate anyone. He sure leaves a lasting impression in our hearts with his performances. For many, those are the Last impressions in their lives. The one accolade that is still eluding Terror Romeo is the Oscars. I am adding a video of his soul-crunching  terrific romantic performance in one of his super-hit movies. Please watch this video. It brought tear drops to my eyes. If this performance doesn't get him an Oscar, I don't know what will?


Sruthi said...

Damn.. you blew out the light on my bright colorful day dude. :)scary pictures but a good post. how do you get the time to roll our so many posts.. nice job. Again.. stop terrorizing us!! ;-)

Priya said...

Terror Romeo is the biggest comedy to hit the movie world :)even when he gets too serious, all I can do is laugh my $$$ off :P kewl post bro :)

Pooja said...

Naan bhayandu poiten!! Enada idu?!!! Namma Ooru KING KONG!! Correcta?????