October 9 2011

Tell me any one random situation which makes you happy?

The little boy next door said, “Watching rain drops dance and walking barefoot on dew covered grass makes me happy” and his 2 year old sister said, “Smelling garden fresh roses makes me happy”.

My neighbour said, “Listening to good music, reading good fiction, watching cricket and movies makes me happy”.

It was my mother’s turn next, “Cooking for family, relatives, friends and visitors and watch the gleam of satisfaction in their eyes as they eat. Then later, treasure the compliments they give me, that makes me so happy.”

In our lives, we are all united in one big chase and it is -
Happiness is not a permanent state of being, we can’t say that now I have achieved this, I’ll be happy for the rest of my life; we are not primed to feel continuous satisfaction, all we have are happy moments.

Simple joys like watching sunrise, recognizing the smell of first rain, embracing evening breeze, etc leave us with a feel of happiness.

Happiness is also connected to our age. What makes us happy as a teenager might look completely silly at thirty one.

For a person who is surrounded by a caring, loving family, happiness goes beyond just planning and achieving goals in life.

Happiness is always within us; it is that inner satisfaction we feel. And helping without expecting a reward gives us true happiness.

To a lot of us, happiness comes in tiny packets, it’s simply the everyday miracle of finding the cell phone, bike keys, searching for something since long and suddenly we find it, it definitely gives us a smile.

Things like short commutes, playing with a group of kids, an evening with life-long friends, a book that brings joy - have nothing to do with a fat wallet, all they need is open heartiness.

Whatever you do, make sure that you don’t derive happiness from hurting others. Approach life with a sense of humour and when worries lash, face them boldly.

When you don’t have any regrets in life and have a healthy body and a happy family, happiness is all yours - Super Star Rajini Kanth

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