Cannot go on anymore

October 14 2011


Do you remember what I used to call you?
Do you remember what I used to tell you?
Do you remember how I used to look at you?
Do you remember how I used to smile at you?

I still remember what you used to call me
Your words still echoes in my heart
I still remember the way you used to look at me
And when I close my eyes your smile mirrors in my mind

When world sleeps around me, I stay wide awake
In the middle of night, your memories
Brings only tears to my eyes and
A lingering ache to my torn heart..

They say “time is the best healer”
But why time cannot heal my wound
Each passing second makes it stronger and deeper
Sinking my conscious to eternal sleep…

They say I walk always in a trance
I don’t see even with my eyes open
Nor do I hear when they shout at me
Do you feel my pain, my slow disintegration?

I search for your face among strangers
I search for your name on all printed letters
I try to see you in people around me
Even trying foolishly to substitute others in your place

I am admitting defeat
Cannot go on anymore
I search for you day and night
Fully aware that you are watching my plight.

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