The first ever words spoken

October 1 2011

What was the first word you spoke? Researches indicate that 99.99 % of the children utter the word "Mommy" as their first word. The word mommy is mostly uttered in their own vernacular language. The remaining 0.1 % belong to the rebellious category and this 1 % have spoken words other than the usual Mommy. Another weird truth is that these words are spoken by these nutty group of people on the very day they were born. The following pictures reveal this weird truth.

The first ever words spoken by these people, the moment they were born

Bill Gates - The man who opened the windows of the IT world.

Steve Jobs - Eve ate the apple and sin entered the world
Apple fell on Newton's head. Physics went bonkers
Steve bit an apple. Windows Shut.

 Anna Hazare! I still prefer Anna Kournikova any day

The Real Raja

Mike - The lethal left punch.

Indo- Pak Connection. ( My dream girl once upon a time)

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Shubu said...

I loved the "Steve Jobs" part...!!nice post pepsiboy..!!