Honest - Once again!

October 29 2011

This is my third post in sequel, with the title “Smile”. These posts capture some of the simple yet humble gestures of people around me, making the moment a pleasant one.

It had been more than a couple of years I hadn't taken my mom out. Coimbatore is the place we often visit on those days. She is very much fond of the tasty, crispy Masala Dosa’s at the very popular food joint, Annapoorna. Today I had a chance to take her out to her favorite hang-out.

Annapoorna, which is also popularly known as dose camp, is always crowded. One has to wait for ten to fifteen minutes to savor the delicious food. This eatery is always buzzing with people of all ages & culture, young & old. Today, while waiting for my order to be served, I saw a beautiful girl. She was very charmingly clad in a stunning green silk saree. She was dressed to perfection. Her cute eyes were so attractive. Her lips wore a red gloss which elegantly matched the border color of her saree. She looked so gorgeous.

She was waiting for her take away order to be served, which took quite more time than usual, since the queue was longer. As the moments passed by, I noticed another woman walking up to her & without conversing a word, helped that gorgeous lady to set her pallu in a right way. Later I realized that the strap of her inner wear was slightly visible near her shoulder back. The lady, with a smile, whispered thank you to the one who helped her.

I noticed two great qualities in that woman. One was her respect towards other females. I am pretty sure there were many other women who might have noticed it, but did not have the courage to set it right. The other was her humble way of expression. She made it look so simple that the gorgeous lady did not feel embarrassed in front of others. Just great!

Smile is indeed a beautiful gesture.

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