Stranger or Friend...???!!!

October  28 2011

I have always been a good friend. At least I would like to believe that I am a good friend. My friends agree that I am a good friend, but then may be I am one because of them. I am one who keeps in touch with friends. I am the agony boy to my friends. I am the 3 a.m. friend. So I am a good friend to my friends! But can I be a good friend to a stranger??  Would I care about someone I don't know?? Would I lose my mind over some stranger's problems?? That, I am not so sure....then, am I still a good friend??
A few months back, I came across someone in this virtual world, someone who was a complete stranger to me, someone who I have never met face-to-face ever in my life....or may be I have....because, the way this girl motivates me, loves me, cares for me, I feel this person is known to me.  This person reads my mind better than most of my best friends.  This girl motivates and encourages me like no one do. How can a stranger be so close to me without ever having met me? Or is this my guiding angel?? I do not want to know the identify of this friend...because the anonymity is more appealing.  But I truly am really happy and lucky to have such a friend in my life.  Thanks Friend for enriching my life!

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