I hate…………..

October 10, 2011

This is a list of things I hate. So people, take a cue from this and keep away from me if you belong to this list!!
1. Waiting of any kind (more than 10 min.s). Especially when I am alone and 've nothing else to do. Especially when I am hungry. I hate when people say,”Yeah, just a sec.” and then keep on doing their thing while keeping me waiting. I hate when there is a delay in a hotel.

2. I hate long queues. Maybe, that’s the reason I don’t pay MSEB (electricity) bill on time. The long, endless queue just pushes me away………….

3. I hate crowd (I mean jostling crowd), especially at a religious place. I never turn up at a temple on an auspicious day (when people are just dying for darshan).

4. I hate people who act condescendingly. I mean, OK, you are a superman, but keep that to yourself. No need of reminding me of that each and every second!!

5. I hate people who are hell bent on proving their genious. For example, students who die to give answers (shout, actually) in a classroom. Sometimes, they don’t even listen to the question!

6. I hate people who think that all-western is cool and all-Indian is boring.

7. I hate pessimistic people, who will do nothing to change their surroundings and just keep complaining.

8. I hate people who don’t acknowledge another’s efforts and time.

9. I hate rude servants. (this is very common in Tirupur & Chennai).

10. I hate people who are disrespectful to elders.

11. I hate people who worry unnecessarily.

12. I hate dogmatic people, who just don’t change their view even if they have got no logical point.

13. I hate people who are not aware of what’s going on around them, kind of people who read only sports page.

14. I hate boorish people.

15. I hate ostentatious people.

16. I hate sycophants, and it hurts more when I see that it pays more than being hard-working.

17. I hate politicians (yes, all of them).

18. I hate when you request someone to do something, they assure you that it will be done urgently, and then they just forget about it. Ultimately, you get bored of reminding them. (More amusing is the category which don’t even remember anything about your request when you remind.)

19. I hate when I don’t work hard even when it’s required.

20. I hate when I don’t do something even if I want to do that very badly. (Reasons are many……………most common is my diffidence)

21. I hate when my choice goes wrong, This happens mainly in case of clothes. After buying, I realize that this is not what I wanted………………

22. I hate people who lack cell manners. I expected this at least in corporate world. But to my utter shock, no employee's in my office bothers to keep cell in silent mode!

23. I hate when I can’t help my hatred for some people. I just can’t stand them!

24. I hate people when in a conversation with you, keep talking only about themselves.

25. I hate people who force their ideas of fun on others.

Ok, so I think that’s it! (The list is quite longer than I expected………before you hating me i ll wind up!).

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