Honest - Continued

October 22 2011

Day 3 

It was a very long day. Took a day off from office, drove for nearly 60 kilometers in about  1hour, with a very minimal rest & very delicious lunch at my sister's place. Evening was planned to attend a good friend's wedding reception. Anyone who knows how hectic it is to drive for long hours, can imagine my plight on this day. 

I returned home at around 7:30 PM, took shower, dressed up in a flash & took off for the wedding venue, which was on the other part of the city (Tirupur). With all the possible cursing & swearing on the rash & negligent riders & drivers, I reached half way of my journey. 

I was waiting at a zebra crossing of busy junction which was manned by a policeman since it did not have the traffic signal. The junction had tall tower which had several huge lights at the top. It was well illuminated. Lot of people were crossing the road. As the pedestrians herd was over, I looked at the policeman who waved & signaled the traffic to pass on. 

As I slowly started to move, a girl wearing a combination of green & white salwar came running to cross the road. Her silky hair neatly tied, her face glowing as bright as a star, her beautiful eager eyes wide open, her lips wore a pink lipstick. She stood right in front me, but only to cross the road, since the car in which I was traveling was stopping her way.
As a humble human, I stopped the car & made a gesture towards her to cross, but unfortunately, the traffic at the other side had already started off at a high speed. Feeling sad for her, I shrugged my shoulders & gave her a sorry smile. she did acknowledge me with her flamboyant smile. Her moist pink lips spread large over her cute face made her look so gorgeous. Rest of my day ended with a pleasant mood & a smile.

Smile is indeed a beautiful gesture. Have it ! Be Honest !

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