Magic of 90's

October 11 2011

Suddenly I am all nostalgic. Growing up in 90's was so much fun. The magic refuses to fade or maybe I am getting old 

1) Remember Captain Vyom, it was a cult – didn’t Milind Soman look delightful? The space chronicle and the villains of the universe totally hooked my young mind. Then there was Aarohan , a TV serial about youth in Navy starring Pallavi Joshi – I have watched its episodes a zillion times, and every time Wing Cmdr Sidhharth Khurana came into frame, my heart would jump out Watching TV was a pleasure and then came Ekta and her gang. 
2) Love was still innocent. Stealing glances and passing love notes. When sweats became jelly, heart skipped beats and the smile refused to fade on sitting next to your crush. Baggie Trousers and Timex watches were not a medium to hog attention.

3) I adored Rajini Kanth.

4) When a horde of tuition classes were not required to top the class.

5) Language was clean and cuss words weren’t in fashion. Those hush hush words that have now replaced nouns and pronouns. 
6) AR Rahman's entry, Illayaraja's love songs, Little 10th std Anitha, Computer games and 50cc bike races – Power packed Sundays. Remember evening's in roundana @ pollachi, night's with green bottle beer and late night movie's!!! …

7) Maggi wasn’t a staple food.
8 ) We climbed trees, played cricket and swimming. Evenings were meant for running around even with scraped knees, rolling in dust and watching the sun go down. I still remember sneaking out on Helper bro's bullet to learn bikes and volunteer to walk the neighbor’s dog Pluto. Though it would always end up dragging me behind and fighting with all the other dogs in the park.
9) Having fun wasn’t equivalent to shopping spree or alcohol parties  . And life didn’t feel like it’s fleeting away 

10) Above all Teens won’t call you Uncle. Oh the horror!!!! 

So how were your growing up years?? What makes you nostalgic? 

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