November 29 2010

This whole week, work is taking its toll on me. So my alter-ego "Mr.Pepsi boy", asked me to take some rest so that he could kickstart his punch-line series.

The punch-line series is officially and unofficially commencing with this post.The readers are adviced to take heed to Mr.Pepsi boy's golden words because he always over flows with knowledge.

Ok here we go... It is Punch-Line time

" Never Run behind a Girl.. You might overtake her"

-Mr.Pepsi boy ( MBBS,M.E,ML,MBA,CA,DCBA,SSLC,Ph.D)


Shubu said...

dai over da!

Pooja said...

Sami periya padipu ellam padichiruku pola, ellarum kumbitanga!!!!!!