2=3 by Pepsi's Clock theorem

November 14 2010

I was a cult mathematician in college ( Not known to anyone except me). My skills with the number system were far better than the skills processed by great mathematicians like Charles Babbage, Seetharam & Sham (my maths tuition teachers), Pascal, Newton, Bhaskara, Aryabatta, Anuska and Ramanujam.( Dunno how Anuska found her way in this list. But I'll keep her in the list anyways.)

No one could tolerate the ever increasing mathematical brilliance in me and as a result I cleared my first semester discreet mathematics paper after three years.During this course of time, I challenged the Ramanujam Theory once again. I called it the clock Theorem.

Clock Theorem
2=3; because the seconds hand is infact the third hand in the clock
(in sequence ..
hours hand=first hand,
minutes hand = second hand
and seconds hand = third hand)
so seconds hand= third hand
removing hand from both sides =>
second = third

2=3 hence proved..

Will I reach Cult status in the field of Mathematics.


Arthi said...


Adarsh said...

January 1998 12.00 am
Location: Vidya Vinaya Vinodha metric school, Besant Nagar, chennai
Teacher: Jeyanthi Miss's Maths class ( she is our class and tuition teacher too)
Pepsiboy: Sitting near the window(last bench)and watching a flight flying in the sky( because he a village boyfrom pollachi seeing all these things rarely.....)
Jeyanthi miss: hey idiot, nonsense are you listening or not?
Pepsiboy: No mam, I am following you mam...
Jeyanthi miss: Don't lie! ok tell me here(showing the black board) X axis and Y axis lies on which plane?
Pepsiboy: mam.....Jeyanthi miss: what? tell me....(sudenly he kicks my leg and asks me macha sollda hmmm fast.... )Jeyanthi miss: tell me you useless idiot X axis and Y axis lies on which plane?
Pepsiboy: Aeroplane mam..... whole day we laughed and from that incident jeyanthi miss never asked question any one.......... now you all agree that pepsiboy is a genius

Sruthi said...

Answer: No, you will not reach cult status in the field of Mathematics.(Oooh-la-la! The satisfaction of driving a dagger throu people's dreams!)
Ummmm... the justification, u asked?
"Seconds hand = Third hand" (OK)
"removing hand from both sides =>" (OK)
"second = third" (NOT OK)
Did u swallow the 's' in 'Seconds'?
('seconds' not equal to 'third')
(Am sooo intelligent!)

Make way for the reaaaal Cult Status Mathematician! :D