Leonardo da Krithi

November 3 2010

When I was in class two, I participated in my first and last painting competition. The judging criteria was so biased that I did not win the coveted competition. I used modern painting technology which included spitting on the chart paper, pouring coconut oil on the chart( my own version of oil painting) and even lighting up the edges of the chart paper to give it an ash effect. I did not even get the consolation prize. I never tried my hand in painting after that incident.

My niece "Krithi", however is a great artist. She is not even eight. But she draws and paints really well. She lives in her dream world with her dream characters,"Dora, Cinderella, Barbie and Winnie the pooh.

The picture on the left was her version of "Dora with flowers". Gathering mighty inspiration from the little kid's work, me too tried my hand in drawing. But finally when I took the pencil and paper, I did not know what to draw. So I went ahead with my other chores and never bothered to draw. Coming back to Krithi's drawing skills, when she was in chennai she draws on the walls, on the floor, under the bed. On the contrary when I was eight, all I knew was to chew my fingers. I am stressing again that I was eight then.I used to eat slate pencils and crayons. But little krithi even does amazing artwork on her school activities too. Am not gonna explain it in detail, cos this blog does not entertaing grossness below a certain decree.


Pooja said...

Lol.. I left drawing before i started. My teacher loved my writing and called it modern art! but it seems krithi has got a great future and may become L. P. D. krithi. La Painter de krithi (In tune of MF hussain)

Sakthi said...

Krithi is cute..and talented..your malathi anni must be really bright. This is based purely on what you say about yourself!!i'm no one to judge cos i cant draw!!

Priya said...

She is brilliant obviously her uncles genes have not been passed on..

PRABHU said...

me in india.. Krithi is in Sanjose.. poles apart..