I wanna sleep maa.....

November 15 2010

These days I sleep as late as 5 am and end up waking up at 8 am. I get only 3 hours of proper sleep. When I was a kid, my parents had a strict rule at home. I should hit the bed at 10 pm. In the morning I would wake up at 7 am. That gave me 9 hours sleep. I hated getting to bed as early as 10 pm and I hated waking up as early as 7 am. My parents would use many methods to wake me up everyday. They used to have a tough time to get me out of bed. Now when I reminisce on those days I also realize that such days would never come back for sure.
Mom's technique to wake me up
“ Prabhu! Get out of bed. It is 7 o clock. You will be late to school”.
“Mommy! Just 5 more minutes”.
“ Get up. You have to iron your school uniform”
“ Mommy! Can you please iron it for me”
After 5 minutes she raises her voice
“ PRABHU! Get out of your bed”
“ ZZZZZzzzzzzZZZzzz”
“Are you sleeping?”
“No Mommy! I am folding my bedsheets”
“ Ok stop lying.” She would then grab my ears and twist it and pull me out of bed.
“Did you chew your finger last night?”
“No mommy! I was just thinking so much last night”
“Aren’t you ashamed to chew your finger? You are ten years old”
“Go and kneel down”
(I really have no clue how kneeling down would stop me from chewing my finger the following night)

Dad’s technique to wake me up
Dad uses the irritating technique to wake me up. It is also called as the “mosquito buzzing in your ear” technique. He would start buzzing in my ear at 6.30 am.
“Prabhu. It is already 7.30 am” ( He would alter the time in the wall clock in my room. I would immediately cross check the time with my wrist-watch which would be under my pillow and the time would be 6.30 am)
“ Paa! You are lying. It is only 6.30. I wanna sleep more”
Every two minutes, he would come and whisper into my ear that it is 7.30 am. His technique worked well.

I miss those days.....


Arthi said...

I am sure u are an insomniac!

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