Why God doesn't answer some prayers?

November 23 2010

My first prayer was taught by my Mother. The prayer was very simple. It just had six words. It was "Thank God. Save all of us".When I woke up in the morning, I used to say this prayer.The same prayer was said before every meal also.This prayer taught me to Thank God for each and every single thing in life.

When I was Three years old, I remember my first meeting with Doctor. I had never remember seen him before that. Suddenly in a peculiar place a Big creature emerged from behind and started walking towards me with a big injection. I started crying out loud and my parents couldn't control me. My dad told that it was not for me and he will allow me to play with a parrot toy bell if I am quite. But that did not stop me from crying. The Doctor came closer to me and injected me and he gave me a chocolate. Not knowing what to do, I ended up biting his shoulder. Apparently, he happened to be my family Doctor.

Next time, I prayed to God that Doctor should not come along with the Big injection. God answered my prayers. When we went to his clinic he didn't put any injection. He had not forgotten the Love-bite yet.

God answered my prayers...

In fact when I wrote my secondary board examination, I prayed to God that I should get above ninety in at least one of the subjects. I had five subjects in my board examination.When the results came, I looked with eager eyes at my marks in the school notice board.
Science - I didn't score above ninety
History & Geography - Great marks. But not  above ninety
Tamil - Good marks. But not above ninety
English - It was 75 out of 100
Till now I was pretty disappointed . But When I saw the last subject, tear drops welled up my eye lids. God had indeed answered my prayers. I looked around. No one saw it.
Maths - Above ninety. Yes I had scored above ninety at last.
Joy and happiness knew no bounds. I ran around the school premises and yelled out in Joy. Suddenly I stopped running. Some thing in my mind said that I had to take yet another look at the notice board. I came back to the notice board and saw my marks again. It read , Maths - 96 out of 100.
God had answered my prayers. I had scored above ninety in one of the subjects. I realised that I should be very clear when I pray. Talking about unanswered prayers,I prayed continuously for 14 years that Anitha should marry me. She should be my only wife till my last sec.The only prayer I wish for 14 years and I am honest that I never ever prayed anything than this. Finally She got married too. God never answered that prayer of mine.  The same God who answered my prayers more than once did not answer this prayer of mine.

This question will be ever in my mind for many years... No wonder!.
God does not answer certain prayers ......WHY?


Sruthi said...

Anitha voda prayersukku god answer pannittu ungalluku bow koduthutaaru - god also fall for girls u see...

P.S: I pray before I have my meal :))

Adarsh said...

sari thaan... god listen's only to cute prayers it seems.. my number is never to appear in his list... booohooo

Arthi said...

god is funny. he doesn't know which prayers mean more to us.. i think! ;)