I am attached with...

November 4 2010

The past one year I have been witnessing greener and greener patches in life. I am so much attached to six characters and these six characters have changed the way I look at life. All these six characters have become a part of me
Character 1: My Che Guevara dollar
I first had this dollar two years back and it is there in the same place for the last two years. I have changed my clothes,  socks and even my girlfriend.  But I have not removed my chain even for once. It might even become a part of my skin.
Character 2: Music
It all started with my SARAV ANNA's Walkman when I was in class eight. The love for different music forms piled up big time in the recent past and hearing AR Rahman, Yanni, Kenny G, and even sufi and hindi songs have become a part of my routine life. God's grace that I am able to hear music cos I am always alone.
Character 3: My Blog
Why do I write? no body asks me or even don't listen when I speak. cos I am man of failure's. I love to help others, I love to speak and even I love to smile a lot. Infact when I read a book, I search for jokes in it. I want my readers to ask, love, cry and smile too. This Blog is just here for the same reason. It brings out the sorrows, burdens and even funny child within me.
Character 4. My Computer
I have been in this computer for almost fourteen years and I am in love with my computer. I can speak, play, learn, get new friends, old friends back, get my krithi and kavin's updated photos, games and every thing which keeps me calm, busy and even messy too. But anyways, its my computer and I love the mess I have created here.
Character 5. My Room
The bed-sheets are crumpled. The pillows are still wet with passion. Her distinctive odour pervades in the room. The door is shut, the curtains are drawn. Because there is nothing. The 3 a.m. breeze whistles past my room. It is slightly chilly outside; I am very cold. It is a silent, serene, peaceful night only cos I am alone in my room.
Character 6. My Cellphone
Samsung Corby 3G. She comes to any where with me … sleeps with me ( sssh !! ) but the sweetest of all  that she does… she can sing, talk, and internet for hours !!!

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Arthi said...

I believe the last three were one of the few serious things that has happened to you life.