Urgently Nurses Needed

November 19 2010

What is exactly wrong with Pepsiboy?
Pepsiboy is suffering from a very dangerous disease called "ambio bonx flu". The symptoms for this disease is not yet known. The cause for this illness is yet to be found. Medical practioners analysed his condition and realised that this acute illness doesn't have any cure through Homeopathy or Allopathy or sabapathy (he is our apartment doc)  medicines. How ever the only form of medicine that can cure this disease is Romanticopathy.

Romanticopathy can be performed only by well trained nurses. The nurses use a treatment methodology called "bio bonxsification" to treat the patient. Concerned nurses who are willing to treat on Pepsiboy can send their bio-data to prabhupepsi@gmail.com . The details will be maintained in high secrecy levels. The Biodate should have the Name, Age, 2 photos (one with make up and ONE WITHOUT MAKEUP) of the applicant. Male Nurses are strongly prohibited from applying for this job

The winning applicant will receive a uniform as shown in the picture. In addition to the Uniform, the nurse will receive a free flight ticket for two to Australia paid at her own expenses. As she would be receiving two flight tickets, it is understood that her accomplice in the trip to Australia would be none other than the author of this blog myself.

Other employee benefits include watching TV along with Pepsiboy and being able to see him using the channel scan button in the remote control with high precision. The nurse would also be allowed to share the couch along with Pepsiboy.

On this day, I would like to wish a wonderful sweetheart Major. Eva Marie Price on her 100th birthday. She turned 100 earlier this year. I realised that she is the oldest nurse living in this earth [link]

The selected employee would also get the opportunity to listen to all the lame jokes of Pepsiboy. She is supposed to laugh at his silly jokes even if she doesn't find them funny. If she is able to cure his disease, Pepsiboy would even dedicate a post for her in this blog. So ladies!Its your time. Get, Set, Go ( I did not ask you to run away)

Note: If I am cured from ambio bonx flu, I promise to write an entertaining post about Facebook.


Pooja said...

sending some hot nurses ur way....so that u r cured of the deadly symptoms soon!! :P :D

SAKTHI said...

no wonder you suffer from Romanceopathy! :p