engounder, bagistan, derrorisds...

November 18 2010

Any resemblance to any politician may or may not be intentional. Still if you think that I have crossed my lines in this post, I would like to warn everyone that I am a close associate of Balls-Talk-Ray.

The following three politicians are like the three lions in the Ashoka Chakra. The Ashoka Chakra is the National Emblem of our country.

1. Jailalitha - Programmed Robot, remotely controlled by sasikala @ kodanadu.

2. T.Rajendar(Terror Romeo) - A loud speaker who was born on Amavaasai (No moon/New moon night).

3. Subramaniam Swamy - Entertainer of the century.

Some of you might act smart and say that the National emblem has four lions. You should remember that the fourth lion is always hidden. If you haven't seen the fourth lion yet, please take a look at the video  below.
This is a mammal and the fourth lion that hides behind the other three lions. Let us call him Gabtun. He is not deaf. He has ear infection and hence he wears headphones. He is an engounder(encounter) not chinna gounder specialisd (specialist). He soots (shoots) Bagisdan (Pakistan) Derrorisds (Terrorists) at will. That is why he is always hiding behind the other three lions.

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Adarsh said...

made my boring afternoon light ;)
thanks yaar