Son of Gun

March 23 2011

As I do not have the license to possess a gun, I wrote an email to the president of India to grant me license, so that I could also corner glory for India in the coming Olympics. But after typing a detailed mail to the president, I figured out that I do not have the president's email id. Thus my love for shooting was nipped in the bud.

Abhinav Bindra won India's first ever Individual Gold in Olympics.His prowess in the 10 meter shooting event, gave me the urge to buy a gun.

With a dejected heart, I went to the local market and bought a sling-catapult. My neighbor’s cat died that very same day.


Sruthi said...

loll! that was kinda funny... almost too funny to be true!!!!

tell me u were jus kidddin LOL and it was supposed 2 be funny.

if not... um.. OMG POOR CAT!

Sakthi said...

I have a dog and u r not invited anywer in the vicinity!