Pepsi Blog Laws

March 9 2011

1.This blog is a Humor Blog
2.This blog is not here to make any political statement.
3.This blog is not gender biased.
4.This blog is a collection of lies.
5.This blog is the first ever blog in the world.
6.This blog was planned in the year 1980. The author was two months old then
7.This blog doesn't encourage blog-fornication. So Please do not try to advertise your page on this site
8.This blog does not promote vulgar language
9.If you do not know how to paste, please do not copy.This blog is copy-right and copy-left protected.
10.The reader of the blog can intimate the author with funny suggestions. But refrain from getting intimate with the author. Pepsiboy - CFO (Chief Fun Officer) PrabhuPepsi Blog

1 comment:

Arthi said...

U wanna check out my cooking? Please come over this Friday, am cooking something very... um... let's just say, interesting... been looking out for victims. hihihi!