March 10 2011

PG NOT required for reading this post: Children below 18 years of age are not requested to take guidance from their parents and in the process spoil their image as well as mine.

Two Pictures that made me ROTFL.
The first one is that of a bet that I lost to a friend of mine. He challenged me to eat some cornflakes. I agreed. But later when he showed me the picture, I had second thoughts.I even backed out from the challenge.
Anyone game to eat the cornflakes?
The second picture is that of an amazing man. This guy is a medical wonder. He might be the eighth world wonder or the blunder, but believe it or not, this guy has his heart in his abdomen. Strange?

see for yourself.
( Guys. My work demands me to be out of station in a couple of days. Will post some interesting news from Trivandrum soon)

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Pooja said...

crazy only u can write like this mama!