Am I getting older?!

March 2 2011

I am getting older. Considering the flexibility that I had a few years back, I feel sad that I am not able to do the same stuff these days.

I was scanning through an Old photo album.It was the summer of 1998. One picture caught my attention.That carrying two persons at a time.
I wanted to post this photo in my blog. I tried the same thing now. But I could not do it anymore.

Am I getting Older?

How can a person know that he/she is getting old?


Anonymous said...

I can tell you as a fitness trainer that more than flexibility, it is strength that is required to do this. Just do few push ups everyday and you will still be able to do this. And for push ups, you don't require to join gym, hire a trainer, buy expensive equipment, have an hour to workout...nothing. Just do push ups everyday.

Adarsh said...

I wonder the same thing a lot nowadays!!!

Sudarshan said...

of course u r getting older pepsiboy!
count ur age then and will know ;) but dont be sad about it :P

Sakthi said...

tho jollyroger always keeps bragging about how old he is getting...i dont think that someone has commented already. some amt of exercise like, 20 mins for three days of the week and fast atleast once a week during which time eat lots of fruits and drink lots of water..this will expel toxins from your body. im sure if do this, you can keep fit meaning young in your words!!!