Still have to go back home......

March 17 2011

Only for my Reks!. So nobody claim its written for you guys! just kidding ok.... The below lines are true and written honestly ......just Manny is calling me. And I said that "I ll catch you later ok". Hey I am Manmohan Singh, I am ur Prime Minister ok?!  Oh I love you my friend and what happened to our Sonia Ji I miss you  guys so much but I have no time rite now!:(. I got my life back so I ll never have time to see you guys...sorry! and the main thing is  don't disturb me .....not  blowing my trumpet for my self ok. Just wanna scold me?! call me to my assistant @ 9566422220 he ll convey ok...... Bale bale bale ahaje muchkudiya!!!!.

Only For My REKS 
I see I think I consider
I look I feel I say
Certain things are hidden
Some get to see the light of day
Cause you send me your photo know?!

I express I reveal I confide
In the tiny closures of heart's sides
Pretending to myself all is good
Creating spaces within my own hide
Like my Reks!.

I ponder, I provoke, I question
Every move that life takes upon me
I want to know where my life is heading
I don't want to get lost.

I ask myself - what next?
I try to comprehend, but cant
I contemplate in the far silent spaces
And loneliness finds me again at last
Cause you found me know!

I want to say, but I cant
The urge for silence takes over me again,
I have to face it all on my own
I should start learning to absorb the pain
Cause you didn't answer my prayers know!:(

These little jerks cannot move life so much
For the bigger ones are still to come
I m now in the open field that is far safer
I still have to go back home by holding your hands REKS...


Sruthi said...

too romantic and touching ok ok comment as u said nw show her photo da!!

Pooja said...

who is she pls pls pls!!

Arthi said...

i know her hehehehee!!!!!