March 18 2011

PrabhuPepsi is gonna publish his first ever book. My girlfriend Reks is gonna be the heroine of my book. Of course destiny is the Villain.

PrabhuPepsi is the hero of the story? Is it me? The font size says it all (I am very shy now) Unbelievable sources reveal that Pepsiboy is the romantic hero in the book. So will Reks  fall for Pepsiboy? And at last Who will get Reks? destiny? or that mystery character? Wait till the book is released. By the by, How will Reks look like?
Like this?

Or like this?

I guess she will look like this
So what is this book all about? Communal harmony? By the by, do you guys know who Reks is? Does this post sound Greek and Latin to you? Then you should read THIS to know about my girl. Will keep you all posted about the book.

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Arthi said...

come on pepsiboy!