A Happy me!

March 7 2011

Happy is me
Last time I felt accomplished?
Last time I felt loved?
Last time I felt belonged?
…blah blah crap crap.

What would happen now?
Why did I do all what I did till now?
What good has come out of it?
What good can be made out of it?
What matters most to me?
If I quit, am I a quitter?
If I cling, am I a sucker?
Is it okay to be messed up
Or I am happy being a donkey?!

Over analysis is a rotten thing. Big time,
But I can write a poetry in one word,
wanna you?! "Shut Up!:p"

If people don’t help,
If company bothers,
If work is numbing,
Honestly do what it takes,
Cause only of you Reks.
A Happy me what makes.


Arthi said...

loved the post,
loved the song
great work mate :)
take care

Sudarshan said...

who is my sis in law?