She Called me today

March 3 2011

She called me .......It was around 12.52pm. I was in my installation and I am crowded with people of all ages. A family of four watching me how the camera works. I never expect she ll call me but it happened. A voice which feels like holding my hands together and whispering sweet nothings. A father trying to make his naughty kid sleep. A few bachelors like me walking up and down looking for their pretty faces in cameras. But why would I walk like them when I have the pretty voice talking right in front of me in my phone?

Suddenly I forget Tamil, English even Chinese and French too! Hy stop stop I agree I don't know Chinese and French just come to the point yar. I was angry now. Why did I said I am busy rite now? Why did she said ok fine I ll call you later?  Why did I felt that I 've missed my life time friend?.  But when she kept the phone, I was happy and I got angry with myself for all the negative thoughts that crept into my head. Accidently, they all stared at me. I immediately made a Innocent face. They gave a faint smile. I knew that my innocence has attracted and make them believe. I could actually read their mind.


Sakthi said...

Who is she?;)

Pooja said...

WHAT???!!! omg that way is cute!! Wish you both the best!!