3 idiots!

March 12 2011

Name : Senthil
Sex : Male
Date of Birth : September 21 1979
Hobbies : Dancing like grandpa, Wearing fashionable dresses
Achievements : I can memorize 3 pages and say in a minute wanna tell?! (macha nee kela?!)
Strengths : I can easily climb the roof  in my bedroom
Favorite Super Hero : Michel Jackson. I am the dancer of the universe

Name : Prabhu (Pepsiboy)
Sex : It is a bad word
Date of Birth : Younger than those 2 idiots 15 June 1980
Hobbies : Eating Slate Pencils, Sucking Fingers, Biting My Classmates
Achievements : Wetting my bed every night
Strengths : I can go to the toilet alone at night time. I do not fear darkness and even heights too.
Favorite Super Hero : Super-man. I love his red underwear.

Name : Ramesh Yogananth
Sex : Male
Date of Birth : November 22 1979
Hobbies : Applying mommy's talcum powder on face 200gm/day, Always trying to Sit near the blackboard before the first bench.......   
Achievements : I know to mimicry 
Strengths : My smile in any sad situation
Favorite SuperHero : Prabhu not this Pepsiboy!(Great Tamil Actor Sivaji Ganesan's Son..... Still I am following his diet you know).
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Arthi said...

hehehehhhehe :) Pepsiboy.. u left me all upset!!! loved the way u intro the plot

Sudarshan said...

O my god... U R amazing man !!! the introi !!! superb... great imagination.. room potu yosipigalo !!