Swedha 007 the detective!

March 20 2011

Not every family is blessed with Great-brains in every generations.But there are very few.

My Grandfather was first started a hotel in town. Its always a great feeling to go to my old family house, where His name still holds great respect among the people who live in the locality.CHINNA SWAMY MUDALIAR......I use to translate like SMALL GOD CROCODILE WHO!

My Grandfather was a walking encyclopedia. He not only worked in the hotel business, but also kept his hands clean and tidy and he was known for his straight forward nature.

My Dad is also a mill owner and we have a saw mill in pollachi till now.

My Dad's son,"Me" did not want to follow in my grandfather's footsteps and hence took the decision to become a humor blogger.

My Niece,"Swedha" is showing signs that she has the Brain-ingredients of becoming the next secret agent of the country following agent Charan (pls click the link to know who is agent Charan).
Swedha called me up today and asked me,"Maamaa! (Uncle!), What is Chellam?". My thought travelled across my entire head and couldn't decipher the reason behind Swedha's question. "Chellam" is tamil for " Darling". I asked her why she wanted to know the meaning for the word Chellam. Her answer made me smile.
Maama!, Vicky Uncle, came to our place this evening and he carried me everywhere . We played peek-a-boo, catch-catch and we even went for some super-cycling. He thought that I was not listening to him. But all the time, he was talking on the phone with someone. I guess it must be a friendship or classmate call and while talking he used the word,"Chellam" in each and every line.
Apparently, Swedha had overheard a romantic conversation between a guy and his lady-love.The guy might have been in cloud 20. But Swedha, because of her super-detective skills plucked the love-code out of thin air and passed it on to me and it has ended up here as a blog post.
Well readers! Talking about lovey-dovey names, a few names strike my head at this juncture "Rasagullah, Jelaabi, Buji, Chakarey, Sweets". 
 My romantic creativity is very poor and hence I could not think of any more romantic names that I could use for my niece .
 Please help me in pouring your thoughts on romantic names that you'd like to use to address your better half. Wear your romantic caps and let the creativity flow. Till then Let Agent Swedha discover more through her secret-agent skills.
ok bye see you!
(She use to say like this when she bang her phone)

PS: Pranav will be my next hit.(he is my friend Senthil's son)

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Pooja said...

ummmm ... lets c...

there was this idiot who used to call up and flirt while i was in coll.. on a profound call, this idiot said Rat say something sweet.. i responded "Jangiri".. he said no that the other sweet thing.. wat that saniyan meant was "Honey"... velangirum..

anyways.. we have "sweetums, sweet heart, darling, dear.." ouch i think i am romantically handicapped... venai